“Tapestry is a vivid sojourn inside the mind of the poet. His inspirations, hopes and fears come to life through a series of interlacing poems which depict his life and careers, his loves and disappointments, and, of course, his successes. Great to ponder in the wee hours of any long and lonely night.”

Here is a sample –

“Inward Journey”

The clock strikes twelve, an eerie sound.

My heart then beats an unheard pound

In the candle’s ever diminishing light;

and though this time feels naught in passing,

Thoughts increase as though they’re massing,

Massing in their strength to reach my sight.

The window’s frost unto me chills

And cools my heart until it stills

The heat from within that nightly stalks its prey;

and though I fear these self abusing

Needs are drawn toward this musing,

Musing how this needs be what I say.

The branches of the tree without

My fortress windows mortar stout

Do peck away at both the wall and at my mind;

And though I need not look in knowing,

I fear the ebb of courage showing,

Showing what I know I’ll surely find.

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